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Last updated 3/6/13

class trip to the Center

Center for the Book

Funded in part by the Friends for the Public Library, the Center for the Book is a hands-on learning center that presents programs on the history of books and printing to area school children and interested groups.

The Center for the Book is back in business and looking forward to scheduling field trips.

To schedule a field trip:

Questions? Email the Special Collections Library or call us at 848-1376.

scale-model replica of a Gutenberg-era printing press

Print Shop

The Print Shop is a favorite stop during field trips to the Center. It functions as a working classroom with several antique printing presses.

A scale-model replica of a Gutenberg-era printing press, handcrafted by Richard Hicks of Cedar Crest, is available in the Center for the Book’s Print Shop. The Center is fortunate to have three of Hick's finely handcrafted working replica presses.

Other presses include: 1888 Chandler & Price Platen Printing Press

  1. Medieval Press replica
  2. Large Common Press
  3. 1888 Chandler & Price Platen Press - Old Style with "S" spokes on the flywheel
  4. Small Common Press
  5. 1945 Miehle V-50 Vertical Press
  6. Multilith 85 Offset Pres, ca 1975
  7. Mergenthaler Linotype Model 91, ca. 1925

Interested in volunteering?    Need more information?

Volunteer docents guide visitors through the Center experience. If you are interested in volunteering, call the Center for the Book at 505-848-1376.